transformative Justice Mental Health Clinic

The mission of the Transformative Justice Mental Health Clinic is to provide restorative mental health resources to individuals and their families with the goal of increasing overall well-being and reducing risk for involvement in the justice system. 

 We also provide training to justice stakeholders interested in learning how to adopt a restorative, organizational, and cultural mindset that increases the emotional well-being of employees working with justice-involved individuals.   

The Transformative Justice Mental Health Clinic advances justice reform efforts by challenging the mindset that punishment and deprivation is needed to have successful law enforcement outcomes and deterrence of crime. At the core of the services we offer is the investment in human beings and building social capital by showing respect for all those impacted by the justice system.  


DR. Ida Dickie

Dr. Dickie is a Forensic Psychologist who received her PhD from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.  She directs the Forensic Psychology graduate Emphasis Area program at Spalding University. She has dedicated her life to the advancement of evidence-based practices within the legal system that are humane and compassionate, contributing to the overall wellbeing of justice involved individuals, and justice stake holders (judges, lawyers, police officers and communities at the individual, community and systems level).  She received the community service award from the Kentucky Psychological Association.