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Our mission is to provide greater access to neuropsychological evaluations for the community. We offer these evaluations to fit your presenting concerns and financial status. We aim to yield diagnoses to help best inform treatment planning, as well as train the next generation of clinicians to be equally as competent and caring.

Our Services

  • Neuropsychological Evaluations help to provide:

Diagnoses of central nervous system disorders

Consultation on CNS disease causality, progression, and prognosis

Recommendations/referrals for the patient’s treatment

  • Evaluations include:

Review of Developmental, Educational, Family, Psychiatric, & Medical History

Clinical Interview w/patient/caregiver(s)

  • Comprehensive Neurological Testing Assessing:

Mental Status

Intellectual & Academic Functioning




Motor Abilities

Attention and Processing Speed

Executive Functioning and more


What is a neuropsychological evaluation and its purpose?  

A neuropsychological evaluation (NPE) is a comprehensive set of assessments carried out by a neuropsychologist that tests a wide range of mental functions. A neuropsychologist is a psychologist that has received specific training in how the brain works. NPEs serve many functions, such as helping with diagnosis and treatment planning, assessing cognitive ability, or establishing a baseline.  

Why CNS at Spalding University? 

The CNS at Spalding University is the premier site for neuropsychological testing conveniently located in downtown Louisville. Our directors have a wealth of experience and knowledge in clinical neuropsychology. In addition, the CNS provides supervised training for doctoral level Clinical Psychology students. Here you will find compassionate clinicians from a wide range of backgrounds who will listen to you and your concerns.

What does a NPE entail?  

An interview with a clinician and a set of tests. The interview usually takes around an hour, this is done to evaluate your current level of functioning. Sometime family members are interviewed too. Tests are standardized, meaning they are given and scored in a similar manner to everyone. These results are compared to individuals who have similar demographics to you. Tests are non-invasive, often working on pencil and paper, face to face with a clinician. Sometimes they are given on a computer. Evaluations include: 

      • Clinical interview (client and/or caregiver)  
      • NP testing  
      • Report Writing  
      • Feedback  


How long does a NPE take to complete?  

The exact duration of the test depends on the number of assessments given as decided by your clinician, and your medical history. You will be free to take breaks in between assessments as needed. You can generally expect to spend 4 – 6 hours for the complete evaluation 

How do I know if I need a NPE?  

Most likely you were referred for a NPE by your physician. Common reasons for this include assessing memory problems, confusion, difficulty recognizing things, difficulties in decision making, or changes in personality ect.  

How do I prepare for a NPE?  

Get a good night’s rest, eat a healthy breakfast, and take any medication as you normally would. There is no way to study for the test(s). Make sure to bring a list of your medications, your medical history, and any hearing or visual aids with you.  

Are they covered by insurance?

We do not accept insurance, costs are determined on a sliding scale 

Are they expensive?  

We recognize the potential for financial burden when it comes to accessing neuropsychological testing. Our clinic strives to provide equitable services to everyone.

We offer sliding scale fees, this program allows CNS to charge for services based on yearly/monthly income. Additionally scholarships may be available to assist in covering costs. Twice a month, the clinic will take on clients that may struggle to afford fees, offering reduced costs.