Group Therapy

  1. Social Skills: Available for boys, aged 10-11Two young boys with their arms around each other

“Social skills are the skills we use every day to interact and communicate with others. They include verbal and non-verbal communication, such as speech, gesture, facial expression and body language.” –Kid Sense

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Young adults playing a video game together2. Anger Management: Available for teens

“Anger is a normal human emotion. Uncontrolled anger, however, can lead to aggression. This can cause physiological problems and lead to harmful behavior. Toddlers and young children need to learn how to control their emotions. Otherwise, frequent aggression over time can cause problems in school, at home and with their friends and family.” –About Kids Health

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3. Social Anxiety: Available for teens & young adultsYoung women standing in front of clapping crowd

“Extreme feelings of shyness and self-consciousness build into a powerful fear. As a result, a person feels uncomfortable participating in everyday social situations.” –Kids Health

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Young adults and adults listening to a speaker

4. Process Group: Available for adults

“The life of a process group from the beginning to the end parallels different developmental stages of growth and maturity. As the natural cycles of the group move progressively forward, the members and the group as a whole are assisted with guided feedback and process comments from the leader or co-leaders. The group inherently knits together an abundance of experiences forming and emulating a social microcosm that bears its own unique culture and identity.” –Good Therapy

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5. Mood Management: Available for teens & adultsGroup therapy session

Mood swings, or rapid changes in one’s emotional state, may occur as a reaction to circumstances or environment, as a result of a physical or mental health condition, or for no apparent reason. General moodiness is likely to be a part of everyone’s life, but in some circumstances, changes in mood may be severe and have an effect on health and daily function.” –Good Therapy

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All groups will last ~8 weeks