Our Services

Need to understand your child’s behavior or school concerns?

Have you always wondered what would explain troubles managing stress, life transitions, relationships, sleep issues, or career difficulties?

Is it becoming unmanageable to experience one more slight against an aspect of who you are in your multiple intersecting identities?

Doctoral student clinicians at the Center for Behavioral Health at Spalding University offer services designed to meet your individualized needs.  Our students are trained and supervised in the most up-to-date strategies to help you be successful in meeting your goals for improving your life.  We provide assessment and therapy services with children, couples, adolescents, adults, groups, and families.  Outreach and workshop opportunities are also available for groups and organizations (see Community In-Reach tab). We also have a Race-based Stress and Trauma Center housed within the CBH (see Specialty Clinics tab for more information).

   Topics we talk about with clients who come to us for care are not limited to, but include the following:

        Depression and mood-related issues       Excessive worry or general anxiety

        Obsessive-compulsive disorder               Relationship issues and concerns

        Social Anxiety                                          Family conflict or divorce

        Panic                                                       Parenting troubles or concerns

        Gender and sexuality questions               School difficulties or refusal

        Attention and concentration issues          Discrimination Experiences

        Substance abuse                                     Coping with trauma

        Coping with chronic conditions                Health and weight management

        Problems at work or school                     Stress management

        Disruptive behaviors in children                Life transitions


CBH does not offer crisis services or after hours care. If you are having an emergency, please call one of the services listed below or dial 911.

Acute Child Psychiatry Service: (502) 589-8070

Emergency Psychiatric Services: (502) 562-3120