National Minority Mental Health Month

July is the National Minority and Mental Health Month. As the month kicks off, everyone here at the Center for Behavioral Health (CBH) wants to reach out to all those who battle back and forth wondering if mental health services are for you.

Let me start off by saying, yes, they are for you! No matter you age, race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, or citizenship status, we here at the Center for Behavioral Health welcome everyone who has ever considered mental health services to stop by and see what we can offer – especially those who belong to underserved groups.

It is evident now more than ever that unjust disparities affect underserved and marginalized populations, especially in regards to accessing behavioral healthcare services.  According to the International Journal of Health Services (2016), young black and Hispanic/Latinx people were less likely to receive mental health services than their White counterparts.  In fact, African American adults are 20% more likely to experience mental health issues than the rest of the population.  Unfortunately, another staggering statistic is that only about 25% of American Americans seek out mental health care (compared to 40% of Whites).  Some of the factors that contribute to this problem is of distrust of medical professionals and socio-economic factors.

These statistics goes to show that no matter where you originate or how you identify, mental health issues affect everyone and need to be accessible.  Here at CBH, we aim to create a welcoming and accessible environment that provides care individualized to you and your goals.  Additionally, CBH is a sliding scale facility – meaning that we determine cost to be proportionate to household income and family size. We will work with you on a payment that works for you!

Our dedicated therapists offer high quality, affordable, and compassionate care to the Louisville community, in the heart of Louisville, through completing psychological assessments as well as individual, couple, group and family therapy services with children, adolescents, adults, and older adults.  Call us at 502-792-7011 or check out our website to see what we are all about!

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